N0rth is a self-taught singer-songwriter. She sings primarily alongside her piano, but also, on occasion is accompanied by her ukulele and her auto-harp.
Passionate about electro-acoustic and song mapping, she hunts and explores for new sounds, inside and outside the city, in search of new textures to add to her universe. She collects noisy objects and awkward music instruments that she uses in her mixes.
N0rth first composed inconspicuously in her living room, on a red piano. When music overwhelmed the living room, she began to feel the need to share it, hence her first EP.
She spends her nights in N0rthland, her inner world; an array of never-ending landscapes, a fallen kingdom where only monsters remain (and all the better!).
Down from her throne, N0rth governs the rust that covered the chaos of nature long ago. In her first EP, N0rth tells us about her disappointments and her expectations, simmered in her queendom, shaped as six pieces; six landscapes.
She received a research and creation grant from the Canada Art Counsel in 2017. She is now recording her second album, on which she will collaborate with inspiring musicians.
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